Monday, July 22, 2013

The Heart of the Writer

Writing can be compulsive, complicated and overall exasperating, and if performed according to ones specks, it can be very rewarding. A writer does not just sit down and begin writing each day without a predetermined thought; thought must grow over time and accumulate what it is the writer intends to flow from their minds. Each thought does not blossom upon command; no never at the spur of the moment does an entire novel spout out quickly.

It takes time for a writer to hone their endeavors ever so carefully and with much thought. The reader is always in mind, and whenever a writer does decide a thought is worth revealing they sit quietly and ever so quickly let go of that particular thought, no matter if it is short or long.

Writers work in different ways. Some categorize their characters, situations, and even their minute thoughts. To discuss how a writer operates, it varies from person to person. Writing can become a religion for one human while it has become tedious for another. It was so often assumed that writing always comes from the heart; it can flow from the mind too.

In-depth writing that conforms to the human heart takes time and meticulous thought that must come from inside where no key has ever unlocked it unless the writer grants accessibility. Some of the greatest stories have been pulled from inside the heart and the writer has finally decided to release it. What a tremendous thing to have happen. Profound stories can sometimes cause the writer’s tears to flow along with their words.

That beating organ in the center of our chest is what drags the writer along the path of pebbles, sorrows, and blood-red anger that encourages words to be cast out. Is it natural? At times it is completely natural for a writer to produce extravagant settings from fiction to non-fiction that cause such a rukus that even the reader must pause before continuing. That is what makes a great writer.

All writers contain thoughts that twist and turn within, and sometimes they spew them outward for the world to read. Then there are those writers that covet their work like a charmed amulet and refuse to allow outside eyes to see it. This is sad to hear of—when so many distinguished writers are not fee to show their work because feelings play a lot into a writer and their ability to be open with it.

Please, please, please, be free with your work and show it to others so it can be appreciated. Writing never should be judged or scorned, it comes from the heart and when someone informs a writer that they do not appreciate it, are they really saying they do not appreciate the writer? What a concept to ingest. Our writer friends need to feel free enough to allow for criticisms as well. Everyone has an opinion and it may not reflect the character of the writer. Take it as a learning experience and move on to the next piece simmering beneath.

~Author Candy O’Donnell