Sunday, July 29, 2012

Authors Post Here!

Have you recently published any good books? Tell us about it! Let us know your name, title of your book, price, brief synopsis, reviews (if any), and url where we can find your book.

There is no shame in wanting to get the word out so feel free to post! Be sure to let your friends know about this site so that they can check out your work and maybe even post some reviews for you here!

Be sure to tweet/like and share this page so that we can promote all of the up-and-coming Authors!


  1. Thanks for allowing authors to share their books on your site. I have 2 books currently on Amazon, Destiny Steps In which you can find It has 5 reviews. And Fate Follows Through, here Both are collections of short stories with twists you won;t expect.

    Thanks for checking them out!

  2. I would love a book review from you! My name is Robyn Hill, and I am an author on Amazon Kindle with a 5 star review status. My number one book is a pre-teen read, beginning with grade 4, but even adults love it. It is a magical bubblegum adventure through several fun, delicious and hilarious mishaps. I have included the smashwords link where I offer it free of charge.
    Here is my Amazon Kindle Link
    Here is GRUM! facebook page as well.

  3. I wrote a pretty decent thriller, a book of short stories, and several children's books, but I'm known for humor books like Dinosaur Ghost (how gay marriage killed the dinosaurs), fake book reviews, and satirical open letters to authors more famous than myself, all of which are available for free at