Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Dollmaker

“I swear if you look at me like that one more time I’ll kill you!” said Monty as he stared him down. The man was much taller and stronger-looking than he was. However, he couldn’t help feeling at least slightly intimidated by a man who was so petite but sure of himself. Not wanting to make a scene, he just brushed it off and walked away mumbling to himself. “What was that about?” asked Vanessa “Nothing, don’t worry about it.” He said smiling as if he didn’t just threaten a man’s life. Vanessa played it cool and continued to sip her martini. She didn’t want to seem awkward but inside she was perplexed. IT wasn’t a good way to start a first date. She knew at that moment that there wouldn’t be a second. “This guy is nuts!” she thought to herself. After they finished eating, he walked her to her car and opened the door for her. As she sat inside the car he stuck his head in the car and inhaled deeply through his nose. “Your car smells really nice.” He said “Uh..thanks she said.” Just when she thought the night couldn’t get any weirder he asked if he could go to her home. “No, it’s very late, I really need to be going. I have a long day tomorrow but I will call you soon. She knew that something was off about him but didn’t want to bring any attention to herself. He closed the door, they bid each other a good night and she drove off. He knew that he had to have her. She was perfect. He knew exactly where he wanted to put her and had just cleared a space.

He went home and headed toward the back shed immediately. He looked to see if he had any more glass cases for the new piece that he was planning for. He pulled out his favorite wig and put it on. He sat down to have tea with his beautiful dolls and other friends. “Isn’t this a wonderful cup?” he said to one of the dolls. “It is my best yet.” He said. He turns to another an asks “What do you think of another addition? The table is getting a bit small for all of us but we’ll make due. Soon we will have to get a bigger set.” He said before he took another sip. “Oh don’t be jealous Stacy, you’ll always be my number one. It’s just that I need someone else to talk to sometimes. You’ve been a bit dull lately and I just need more stimulation conversation.” He said. “Well ladies, I’ll have to leave you now. I need to do some research and get everything ready. Why don’t you spruce yourselves up for our new company. I’ll have her here in a few days. No need to rush but don’t wait until the last minute. I’ll go on Amazon to find you all something nice to wear. We’ll make a party of it.” He said while leaving out the door. He went upstairs to his den and sat at his computer to do a Google search. He found her on Facebook and saw that in her profile she wore a UCLA jacket. He found various pieces of information on her including the general area in which she lived. Since he already memorized her license plate number, he knew that it would be easy to find her.

He immediately started cleaning the house for his new guest. “Tilly I told you to keep the house clean, you’re not being a good girl. What would our guest think?! We must make a good impression or no one will want to come!” he said to one of the dolls that were sitting on the couch. After cleaning he realized that it was late. “Oh, Tilly I have to open the shop tomorrow. Time for bed. You’ll be a good girl won’t you?” he asked. He went to bed and got up early to open his doll shop.

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